Packmyload berths in Lagos, seeks to simplify relocation

As part of efforts to ease corporate relocation, home relocation and storage, moving and logistics company, Packmyload has launched operations in Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre - Lagos.


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Through premium offerings, Packmyload is aiming to make much fun out of moving – a critical part of life – for customers.

Speaking on the company’s creation story, founder Lumi Aniyikaiye narrates Packmyload was borne out of personal experience with relocation.

Packmyload was conceived from my experience with relocating back to Nigeria in 2014 after spending years outside the country’s shores, At that point in time, I was let down by logistics providers I contacted to help me with settling down, Our goal is to make a challenging time almost by offering home or office moving experience that’s based solely on the customer’s desire. We are equally going all out to fill identified gaps in the moving and relocation industry.

Aniyikaiye adds Packmyload will work towards offerings that suits customers’ preferences regardless of challenges with infrastructure in the growing industry.

According to Head of Product Development, Mr. Olalekan Folayan, Packmyload is keen on rapid growth and expansion to major cities across the country whilst offering premium services at pocket-friendly rates.

We have our goals clearly spelt out as a focused business entity. Packmyload is offering upfront quote, clear arrival window and unexpectedly high standards of customer service as part of premium services at pocket-friendly rates. From Lagos, where Packmyload currently operates, the plan is to grow rapidly and expand to Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt and Kano in the next 5 years.

Packmyload offers transparent, upfront pricing with no hidden fees. The charges give customers access to professional movers operating with dedication and diligence.
Packmyload berths in Lagos, seeks to simplify relocation Packmyload berths in Lagos, seeks to simplify relocation

Moves undertaken by Packmyload are insured by GIT. The company’s movers are also covered against workplace and moving hazard.

Packmyload’s website - is very user-friendly and easy to navigate such that when a customer wants to move, they get a free estimate and reserve online in minutes or book their move with a phone call.

Packmyload offer same-day or next-day moves, last-minute switches, thunderstorms in the forecast—sometimes what a situation needs most is flexibility. When customers’ plans change, Packmyload adjusts with ease. Packmyload berths in Lagos, seeks to simplify relocation Packmyload berths in Lagos, seeks to simplify relocation

At the heart of the company’s values is the desire to continually transform the experience of moving into something that Nigerians can rely on to be simple and enjoyable, and every facet of Packmyload —the team, the process, and services—has been designed to accomplish this mission.

  • 21 Jul 2019