Moving yourself vs. Moving with a professional moving company

Moving yourself: This is only a good idea when you’re on a tight budget. You must have a few belongings, most of which are clothes. You may also have many family and friends around or just moving down the road. Problem may arise including breakage, damaged public property and even injuries. This will be less evitable when it comes with professional movers.

Delight of moving yourself

  1. You can save yourself quite a bit money

  2. You can pack everything the way you want, saving the cost of manpower and moving materials (if done right)

  3. You have full authority over every aspect of your move. This especially important to people who prefer things done in a particular way.

Downside of moving yourself

  1. it will be hectic for you if you don’t have enough time or have a demanding job or toddlers to look after. It is time consuming and tough job.

  2. Costs: Supply(moving materials), rental truck, you won’t want your friends and family to go home hungry after helping you move, fuel costs can make it expensive. It’s being penny wise, pound foolish in the long-run.

  3. There’s a lot of lifting involved, your cupboard might seem empty, but it hasn’t lost any weight. You need extra strong hands.

Moving with a professional company:If you have expensive and fragile household items, using a moving company is the best option because it will be insured. The time frame is also a factor to consider especially if you have a large house.

Downside of using a moving company

The only disadvantage of using a moving company is the cost. It’s obviously more expensive than doing it yourself. However, you’ll enjoy the worth of your money. Some other people may say another is allowing strangers into your space but you also allow artisans into your space, don’t you?

Here are things you have to do before picking a moving company

Background check

check the internet for complaints and appraisal, look for positives. You can also ask the company to provide a letter of recommendation or check their website by so doing you get to see their credentials and you’re sure they are authentic. This is very important so you don’t pick a movinoneown company.

Value liability

check for their policy on replacement of damaged items. Baba wasiu doesn’t have insurance and he’ll must likely want to settle the matter with “abeg” (to beg you)

-Make sure to be clear and upfront to the moving company so they can give you a comprehensive bill

-If you expect the moving company to hold up their end of the deal, you must not slack on your own side.

-For out of state move, be sure to ask them about any consolidation policies and estimated delivery window.

-Draw up a floor plan of where you want everything placed in your home. So that the moving company can place everything where you want it and the move is completed on time and as efficiently as possible.

Delight of using a moving company like Packmyload

  1. We do it all. No pesky packing, littering your house, no haphazard wrapping on your favourite vase and handling the sofa with your friend.

  2. You can focus your time and efforts on other things. This can get difficult if you are planning and executing your own move.

  3. We are efficient and effective.

  4. We offer both Do it yourself (for people that don’t want “strangers” in their space) and full service moves. The do it yourself basically means we will provide you with moving materials( cartons) then we send our truck to load and off load your belongings.

  5. Insurance covers all your property.

Bottom line

With all that said, moving yourself ends up being more expensive except you don’t mind replacing a lot of things, breaking a few bones and using a week or two for a move Packmyload will do in a day.

  • 23 Jul 2019